Headaches are a common problem experienced by millions of Americans every year.  So common, that they have spurred a rise in the amount of medications made available to the public. While these medications may be helpful in the short term and may mask the symptoms of headache problems, they can have adverse effects on internal organs such as the kidney, liver, spleen and stomach. 

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Headaches and migraines can have a wide range of causes and examination by a chiropractor can help to determine a specific cause or a combination of them. A common cause is tight musculature in the neck and back due to imperfect posture.  These tight muscles can restrict blood flow and cause nerve irritation which can be contributing factors to headaches.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can help to retrain spinal musculature to normal lengths that will support your spine in a healthy, balanced way.  Improvement can take time, and just as going to the gym once will not make you fit, going to the chiropractor once will not allow enough time for your nervous system to make a change.

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As a first line of entry, we will try our best to determine the cause of your headaches, but if we are unable to, we can refer to a specialist who may be able to help.  Other causes may include physical trauma, emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies and chemical toxins, and may require a collaboration with other healthcare providers to allow for sufficient care.

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