Auto Accident Injuries


car accident

How can chiropractic help whiplash?  This sort of issue is common in motor vehicle accidents from head-on or rear collisions.  When the vehicle comes in contact with another object, your head can be moved into a momentary state of hyperflexion and/or hyperextension.  This is because of the change in forces acting upon the body during the moment of impact.  As the vehicle is suddenly moved, your body will be secured to the seat by the safety belt and will move with the vehicle.  Meanwhile, your head would lag behind and be forcibly dragged into a position outside of the normal physiological range of motion.

auto accidents

Chiropractic is effective for treating the immediate and lingering effects of a whiplash injury.  After this sort of injury, the cervical spine can result in an abnormal lack of curvature.  Headaches can arise from this mechanism of injury as well.  Chiropractic treatments can help restore proper spinal curvature and motion.  Headaches can also be successfully reduced with regular visits to the chiropractor.  Promoting healing and maintaining an improved condition is the goal of treatment after any injury, and chiropractic is a key part of that process.

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